Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Internet Browsing

Many of us spend hours a week surfing the Internet. So, we wanted to share a few keyboard shortcuts you can use to help save time while navigating the Internet.

Laptop symbol with the word spacebar showing on the screenSpacebar to scroll down:
When you scroll down on the page, you can use the scroll bar on the right side of the window or the scroll wheel on the mouse.  But, did you know that you can also use the space bar? You can use the space bar to jump down one screen-length on the page. To move up on the page, use Shift and Spacebar.

control-NOpen a new window:
To open a whole new Internet window, use Control – N.

control--tOpen and close a new tab:
To open and new tab in your Internet window, use Control – T.  And if you want to close a tab, use Control – W.

Laptop symbol with the word Tab showing on the screen

Move quickly between tabs:
Now that you have opened more tabs by using the tip above, you can use Control-Tab to move between the multiple tabs.

control---1-8Switch between specific tabs:
If you want an easier way to switch to specific tabs you have open, use Control – 1 (or any number 1-8).  The number you use will be determined by counting your tabs from left to right.

control-DBookmark webpage:
If you would like to bookmark some of your favorite webpages, use Control – D.

Control-Shift-TReopening a tab you just closed:
Sometimes you are moving so fast online that you accidentally close a tab that you actually needed. Don’t worry! Control-Shift-T reopens the last closed tab.

control-fFast find:
If you don’t want to read through a whole webpage to find what you are looking for, use the Control-F shortcut. This will open a small search bar in the top corner of your Internet browser window. Type in a keyword you are looking for and it will tell you how many times it appears on the page. Then, click the arrows on the side of the search box and it will show you the exact spot the keyword appears.

One thought on “Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Internet Browsing

  1. These are great!

    I exploded someone’s mind when I told them they could open a link in a new tab with either a CTRL + Click or the middle mouse button.


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